Makhai Moore:  

Grumpy Knuckles Apparel

Meet Game Changer, Makhai Moore!  Makhai is a 17 year old kidpreneur and designer.  Makhai is the owner of his own clothing line, Grumpy Knuckles Apparel.  

The Grumpy Knuckles brand was started by Makhai in 2014 when he was just 14 years old. Grumpy Knuckles was originally created by Makhai's father, Marek Moore, to cultivate self awareness and an entrepreneurial spirit in his son, Makhai. The Grumpy Knuckles brand is based on quality and individuality, promoting responsibility and an entrepreneurial spirit. Mr. Moore strived to show his son that he too can be his own BOSS.  And a BOSS is exactly what Makhai is.  

Today we celebrate this young King and his brand in our Game Changers Spotlight. Makhai celebrated the Grand Opening of his new store located at 1483 Main St., Rahway, NJ on May 19, 2018. The store is called Litehouse. 

You can view the Grumpy Knuckles apparel at  or visit Makhai and the Grumpy Knuckles team at Litehouse in Rahway, NJ.